Hello, world.

Hello, world. You are reading my blog.

So why did i create this place in cyberspace?

I have been traveling a lot because of my work as a geologist and graduate student, because I love the great outdoors, and because I am a lakwatsera by nature. I am captivated by the unique beauty of each site that I visit. I love the thrill that every adventure promises. I like to be pleasantly surprised by each new discovery that I make. And I want to remember all these things: the beauty, the adventure, the discovery. I want to have a memento of the impressions and feelings that each adventure gives me. This blog is a space for places–fieldwork sites, sidetrips and leisure travel destinations I have been to. But more than that, this is a place for my experiences and adventures.

So hello, world! i hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and adventures.


7 responses to “Hello, world.

  1. heya jill! i’ll always visit this site. hehe. always take care and be happy! yey!!

  2. naks, the rise of the new internet star! 🙂

    great start!

  3. i’m not a fan of online blogs pero para sa’yo lagi ko ‘tong bibisitahin. 🙂

  4. yehey!!! at least hindi blocked tong site mo sa office!

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